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It’s just a high school production they said. It’s probably gonna suck they said. 

Guys holy cow, this is one of the post powerful and wonderful versions of Defying Gravity I’ve ever seen. And the voices are definitely comparable to Broadway singers.

holy shit! that Elphaba is out of this world!

Holy fuckballs.

absolutly beautiful. love this song. my marching band played it to finish our show (wicked) my senior year and i got the solo and when we marched off the field i was literally in tears great times great memories

what the fuck WHAT THE FUCK

Did you guys know that I was obsessed with playing this song on the piano for, oh I don’t know….6 years? Or something. Yeah.

UHM HOLY SHIT. k here starts my obsessive listening to the soundtrack again 


Oh fuck yes!!!

I just keep getting pissed that people keep cheering before the number is over but man this is pretty damn good. 

But the end, Christ.

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